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Our History

The concept of Shopmobility originated in the 1970’s with the first scheme opening in Milton Keynes in 1979. There are now over 350 schemes nationwide with the majority being self-funding and run as a registered charity, supported by the local authority or a commercial organisation such as a shopping centre.

The National Federation of Shopmobility (NFSUK) with which the scheme is affiliated was founded in 1990 with the aim of encouraging the development of a Shopmobility network throughout the UK.

The need for a Shopmobility Scheme was addressed by Melton Borough Council in 2006. Shopmobility operated out of 7 Kings Street with 4 manual wheelchairs and 2 motorised scooters.

With expanding users the Scheme acquired a Mobile Unit which is located in its current position in St Mary’s Way Car Park. Hires of equipment roughly number 1000 each year, utilising 4 wheelchairs and 10 scooters. Membership numbers are well on their way to 450.