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Volunteer Enrolment Process

You will be asked to complete a personal details form and give the details of two referees. This is essential, as you will gain a lot of personal information about the people you will meet in connection with your role as a volunteer. Depending on your involvement with members, you may be required to provide information to enable the Scheme to perform a CRB check.

You will have an informal chat with the Coordinator prior to starting as a volunteer and this will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. You should use this to gauge whether the specified role is one that you really want to take up. You should be clear as to what the role entails, what kind of organisation Shopmobility Melton Mowbray is and whether you agree with its aims, priorities and methods of working.

Volunteering whilst in receipt of benefits

You are strongly advised to declare all volunteering to the relevant authorities and/or agencies and to secure all relevant permissions, along with any other specific terms and conditions related to your volunteering, in writing, prior to commencing any volunteering with Shopmobility.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all necessary permissions, that you are not contravening any entitlement, and to comply with all terms and conditions agreed. Shopmobility will not accept any liability for loss of benefits, or any actions that may be taken against you, as a direct result of your failure to disclose your volunteering or any associated expenses to the appropriate authorities.