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Your Role

Your role as a volunteer will be to support the staff in the day to day running of the service. The tasks you will be given will depend on what you agree to do during your interview.

Induction and Training

Shopmobility Melton will provide an induction to familiarise yourself with your new role. Further training will be given to you as and when required.

Health and Safety

Shopmobility considers the promotion of the Health and Safety of its staff, volunteers and users to be of essential importance. Health and Safety issues will be highlighted throughout your induction. If you have any health and safety concerns you should speak to a member of staff immediately. There are 2 appointed people with First Aid experience. These are currently the coordinators.


You should always check that reimbursement is possible before incurring any expenses.

Equal Opportunities

Shopmobility Melton is an equal opportunity charity. A copy of the policy is prominent in the office and available upon request.

The charity really hopes that you enjoy volunteering for the scheme. However, in case there are any initial worries, if you want to clear up any concerns or maybe change some of the tasks you are doing then please speak to a coordinator to discuss these.